Tripledot wants to be “the next Activision Blizzard” after $116m raise


London studio Tripledot announced another round of funding today that pushed the London studio’s valuation to $1.4bn, making it the UK’s latest unicorn.

Speaking to TechCrunch, CEO Lior Shiff was in bullish mood after the $116m Series B raise.

“This fundraising is for M&A,” he said.

And later: “We’ve gotten to the point of having a lot of technology and expertise that we can now leverage, so we want to buy studios, and use our platform to take those great games to reach a much larger audience. We are very good operators.” 

He continued: “Many of our peers excel in making great games but not how to reach large audiences, or to scale them into sustainable businesses. Now this capital gives us firepower.”

In response to Dream Games’ aim to become the next Pixar, Shiff added: “Well, we’d like to be the next Activision Blizzard.”

Elsewhere in the piece, Tripledot co-founder and COO Akin Babayigit said the firm would be keeping its focus on the casual end of the market, having seen some success with titles like Woodoku and Solitaire.

“I think casual games are still underserved,” said Babayigit. “The recent launches of Dream [Games, maker of Royal Match], Wordle and others have unleashed 2 billion gamers into the world, and we think that people are now looking for other types of experiences and games. Wordle actually proves that. So many more games can be built for those audiences, it’s still pretty crazy.”

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