Rush Royale breaks $100m as it signs up influencer Jake Paul


Tower defence game Rush Royale has now earned over $100m, just as publisher My.Games embarks on a partnership with influencer Jake Paul.

Appmagic data suggests My.Games’ lifetime IAP earnings from Rush Royale on mobile alone now total over $110m, in fact; include the PC edition and the game has pushed past $200m.

Lifetime downloads on mobile are at 52m, which puts its cumulative revenue per download (RpD) at $2.13. The firm told us that Rush Royale now also has over a million daily active users.

Top Rush Royale markets by lifetime revenue are the US ($36.6m), Germany ($11.5m), France ($6.3m), South Korea ($4.8m) and Canada ($4.4m), with the UK, Russia, Australia, Brazil and Taiwan completing the top 10 markets.

Android has by far the most downloads compared to iOS (37.6m vs 14.4m), but Apple platforms are ahead on revenue with My.Games earning $56.3m through the App Store and $54.5m on Google Play.

The $100m revenue milestone comes in the same week that Rush Royale announced a partnership with influencer Jake Paul, who is appearing in marketing promos and in the game itself as a character.

The Jake Paul deal is part of My.Games’ increased focus on brand marketing, says chief strategy officer Elena Grigoryan, who acknowledges the challenges facing developers currently.

The market is oversaturated, it has become rather difficult to secure steady basic inflow organically,” she tells us. “At the same time, newcomers have to compete with behemoths in terms of performance promotion. Those larger players have significantly more content, better monetisation depth and as a result they can secure wider return horizons and higher CPI. Therefore, in recent years, it has become increasingly important to promote your brand.”

As launching new mobile games gets tougher, My.Games has restructured its UA, is pushing into brand marketing and releasing more games on PC, says chief strategy officer Elena Grigoryan.

Grigoryan says her team has restructured its predictive acquisition models and “learned to estimate iOS acquisition in a new way,” she says. “We are trying to be one step ahead, and are preparing for similar changes for the Android platform. In addition, nearly all our mobile games are ported to PC which helps us expand our audience and acquisition capabilities.”

Grigoryan says that the Rush Royale team has grown the game to over 1m DAU since it launched in October 2020 by mixing up the meta regularly. “Weekly PvP modifiers change the meta every week, while clan modifiers force players to change their usual decks in PvP and play under new conditions,” she told us.

“The team also introduced four weekly in-game events with different rewards in constant rotation…frequent updates also help keep players engaged – with each patch we see a significant number of players returning.”

My.Games has five new mobile games in development, three of which will be soft launching this year, adds Grigoryan. The firm is also targeting PC and console game launches in the near future.

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