Supercell US targets Nintendo-style games ‘great on any platform’


Supercell hopes to make Nintendo-inspired, platform agnostic games at its new US studio, Ryan Wener has suggested.

The US studio boss added a little more colour to the news that the new Supercell outfit plans to make ‘Games you might not expect’ in a LinkedIn post earlier today.

Wener explained: “We think about amazing, “physical,” moment-to-moment gameplay that you can really feel. These experiences have typically been on PC/console, but today they can be great on any platform, including mobile.”

“We also think about how Nintendo games have inspired Supercell with broadly-appealing worlds & characters and I hope to stay relatively close to that feel/vibe. We aren’t starting from a specific genre or gameplay mechanic.”

And later, on platforms, he said: “We hope the team starts from “what game do we want to make” and not “what mobile game do we want to make.” We’d love to build a player community that isn’t defined by platform and help Supercell learn via new platforms. That said, I can’t imagine making a game that isn’t GREAT on mobile.”

He added that Supercell is seeking 3-6 “co-founders” to start prototyping and “make what they want, how they want” as soon as possible. The studio’s location was also up to the team, and could be anywhere in the US or Canada, said Wener. “If they are located in one city, fully remote, or hybrid, so be it and we’ll figure it out.”

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