Ten Square Games axes 120 staff and two games


Polish publisher Ten Square Games is to lay off 120 staff and cancel two games, Undead Clash and Fishing Masters.

It cited high competition, UA costs and an unstable market for the decisions. Work will cease on Undead Clash and Fishing Masters as the firm concentrates on Fishing Clash, Hunting Clash and “prepare for further scaling” of Wings of Heroes.

Ten Square said “high competition in this market segment and the high costs of acquiring users” were to blame for the cancellation of Undead Clash.

Fishing Masters was axed because it is “outside the main area of the company’s operations, hence the decision to terminate it in the face of an unstable market situation,” the company said.

Ten Square said that it would writing off costs of both games. Undead Clash costs were PLN 14.3,n ($3.4m) and Fishing Masters was PLN 11.4m ($2.7m).

“The strength of Ten Square Games is the ability to adapt to changing market conditions,” Ten Square said in a statement.

“In order to safely go through the current period of market turbulence and provide the organisation with the possibility of development in the future, we decided to focus on the main products of the group and reduce operating costs.”

Ten Square Games COO Andrzej Ilczuk added: “All the actions we take are accompanied, above all, by the thought of the future of Ten Square Games. We currently see the greatest opportunities for development in focusing on the main products of the Group and looking for development projects in the hobby and simulation niche.”

“The next few months will allow us to reorganise our activities and prepare for the next phase of development based on the strongest competences of the Ten Square Games team.”

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