Too Hot To Handle leads Netflix’s December line-up


Netflix has confirmed it is adding four new titles to its growing games catalogue next month.

The most high profile addition is Too Hot To Handle from Croatian developer and publisher Nanobit. It’s a suitably spicy interactive narrative game based on the reality show of the same name.

Then there’s a new Netflix edition of ‘lost phone’ crime thriller Scriptic: Crime Stories. It was recently released by UK developer Electric Noir on ‘regular’ app stores with IAPs.

Puzzle Gods is a match-3 game with a mythical theme, and another IAP-free reworking of an existing title. It is made by Dublin, Ireland-based Boon Studios. There’s also Solitaire – it’s not clear which studio developed this one, but y’know, it’s Solitaire so it could any of hundreds of studios.

Elsewhere, Netflix just released game of the year contender Immortality, and is releasing six other titles this month. It has also been busily building its game development capabilities, having most recently acquired Triple Town maker Spry Fox and started to set up new studios in Helsinki and California.

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