Top earning Google Play developers to get new store tools


Google announced a new program to help the Play store’s biggest developers get even bigger today, as part of its Google for Games Developer Summit keynote.

The snappily titled Google Play Partner Program for Games will give developers pulling in more than $5m annually extra store tools to play with.

These include:

  • Faster releases through priority publishing
  • More pre-reg testing and pre-reg store listing tools
  • Extra growth and engagement features around live ops and store listings
  • Greater access to player device data
  • More anti-fraud and security protections
  • Priority invites to early access programs
  • Larger scale pre-reg testing with more detailed geo and device targeting 
  • Pre-enrollment of top eligible titles into the Google Play Points program
  • Invites to early access programs

Developers who qualify for the program will be contracted by Google soon.

Elsewhere in the keynote, Google also pushed its Google Play Games for PC program, which aims to help devs bring mobile games to tablets and Chrome OS and Windows PCs, and confirmed that its ‘Play as you download’ system will soon be available to all Android 12 users.

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