Zynga’s blockchain blitz: NFT game, hiring spree and acquisitions incoming


A debut blockchain game, plentiful new hires plus partnerships and acquisitions are on the way this year from Zynga, according to an Axios report.

The Axios story says Zynga’s blockchain team will go from around 15 to up to 100 by the end of 2022, with blockchain boss Matt Wolf talking acquisitions, too: “We’re figuring out where we want to jump in, but we definitely have feelers out,” he said.

A “ground-up, dedicated product” will be out this year, he continued, but will not involve big-name Zynga IP like FarmVille or Words With Friends. Indeed, they’ll be designed for players who are already into the whole NFT scene. 

“When they enter into one of these products, they come at it from an investor or, a whale, point of view and are interested in specific elements including yield,” Wolf told Axios. 

“We don’t want to bring them something that they didn’t ask for, and we don’t want to assume that they want a super, super deep gameplay experience.”

There are a couple of other interesting tidbits in the report, stating that Zynga’s dev teams will be able to opt out of working on NFT games if they want to, and that Wolf wants to bring together a “blockchain gaming council” to “address issues across the sector.”

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