Apex Legends Mobile earns EA over $20m, passes 26m downloads


Apex Legends Mobile has been downloaded over 26m times and has earned EA over $20m to date, according to Appmagic data sourced by mobilegamer.biz.

The mobile shooter was released worldwide on May 17 and as we reported previously racked up 21.8m downloads in its first 30 days, earning EA $11.6m. 

As of yesterday, EA’s earning from the title passed $20m to date, hitting the milestone in a little over two months. Appmagic data does not include Apple and Google’s 30% cut, so total customer spend will be higher. The total life to date figures we sourced also includes revenue and downloads from the game’s soft launch. 

A look at downloads after global launch on May 17 tells us Apex Legends Mobile had a great start. It peaked with 1.98m downloads on May 18, and was downloaded over 10.8m times during global launch week. 

Since the middle of June, the title has settled into a steady daily download rate of around 125k on average, though there are naturally some peaks and troughs – on July 16 it recorded over 190k downloads, for example, dipping to just over 85k on July 24.

During global launch week Apex Legends Mobile earned EA $3.7m, according to Appmagic’s data. 

Single day revenue peaked on May 21 with EA earning $655k, with spikes around new seasons. Season 1 ended on June 15, when revenue spiked to $468k and stood at 430k for the next two days. 

Season 2 began on July 12, and saw daily revenue leap to $476k the next day, July 13.

The geographical split on Apex is interesting – Japan is proving to be a highly lucrative market. 

EA has earned over $7.4m from players in Japan since launch, the top grossing market. The US is second at $6.75m, with Thailand ($737k), Malaysia ($407k) and the UK ($361k) a distant third, fourth and fifth respectively.

On downloads, the US is top, of course, with 6.2m downloads to date. Brazil is second with 2.2m, Japan is third with 1.9m and India (1.8m) and Thailand (1.5m) are in fourth and fifth. So while EA has earned $6.75m from 6.2m downloads in the US, it has earned $7.4m from just 1.9m downloads in Japan.

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