Raid: Shadow Legends hits $1bn in lifetime player spend from 62m downloads


Plarium’s mega-hit RPG Raid: Shadow Legends has passed $1bn in lifetime player spend, says Sensor Tower. 

It puts Raid up there in the $1bn+ club with the likes of Candy Crush Saga, Honor of Kings, PUBG Mobile, Clash of Clans, State of Survival and Call of Duty: Mobile, among others. Raid generated a record $370m in 2021 alone.

The US is the game’s top grossing market, says Sensor Tower, with $595.5m in total lifetime player spend – 59.4% of the total. Way back in second and third are Germany and the UK, which represent 5.8% and 4.5% of revenue respectively. 

Raid is bigger on Google Play revenue-wise, with 59.3% of total player spend ($594.6m). The App Store’s 40.7% of spend totals $408.5m. 

In terms of downloads, Raid: Shadow Legends’ figures are a little more modest. It has reached $1bn in total lifetime player spend from 62m installs, with the US 24.7% of that total (15.3m installs). Russia is the second biggest market on downloads with 10.8% of the total, and France is third with 4.3%.

The store split between Google Play and App Store downloads is heavily weighted toward the former store. Downloads through Google Play total 45.5m, 73.4% of the total, with the App Store accounting for 16.5m installs, 26.6% of the total. 

Sensor Tower also provided some context around competitors in the ‘Squad RPG’ genre. Raid still ranks behind Cygames’ Uma Museum Pretty Derby, which generated $409.8m during the first half of 2022. Raid earned $155m in the same timespan, with Wright Flyer Studios’ Heaven Burns Red in third, earning almost $136m. Com2us’ Summoner’s War earned $119m and Scopely’s Marvel Strike Force notched up $110m in H1 2022. 

Sensor Tower also added that Plarium’s previous most successful title was Vikings: War of Clans which launched in 2015 and has generated $541m in total global player spend to date. 

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