League of Legends: Wild Rift hits $500m in lifetime player spend


Mobile game players have now spent over $500m on Riot’s League of Legends: Wild Rift, according to Sensor Tower.

The data firm says that Riot Games’ wider mobile portfolio is closing in on $1bn total lifetime player spend, too. Riot has generated $828m on mobile to date globally, with Teamfight Tactics earning $299m and Legends of Runeterra on $24m. 74.2% of that total spend on Riot games comes from China, a total of $614.3m. Outside of China, total lifetime spend on Riot Games comes to $214m. 

China is Wild Rift’s biggest market in revenue terms, of course. Lifetime player spend on Wild Rift in China, where it is published by Tencent, is around $364.6m. $79m of that spend was during launch month alone. China accounts for 72.2% of total player spend, with the US way back on 6.8% and Korea at 3.7%. 

The store split is skewed badly because Google Play is not available in China. The App Store accounts for 84.2% of total global lifetime player spend ($425.2m), and Google Play’s 15.8% share amounts to $80m to date. Remove China from the equation and the App Store is 43% of lifetime spend, with Google Play on 57%. 

Within the MOBA category, Wild Rift is still way behind Tencent’s Honor of Kings. In the first half of 2022, Sensor Tower says Honor of Kings earned a staggering $1.4bn. Wild Rift was second with $218m, and Brawl Stars was third with $149.5m. Tencent owns Riot and Supercell, too, so it’s a clean sweep of top MOBAs for the giant Chinese tech company.

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