Netflix Games’ August line-up includes Heads Up and thriller Twelve Minutes


UPDATE: Netflix got in touch today (July 26) to say that the information and assets for Twelve Minutes were sent out in error and the game will not be launching on Netflix in August as originally stated.

Taking its place in the August line-up instead is Jam City’s Wild Things: Animal Adventures, a match-3 puzzler. Netflix says it doesn’t have any more info to share on Twelve Minutes at this time. 

Our original story as published on July 20 is below. 

Netflix Games has four new games coming in August: party game Heads Up, brand new title Rival Pirates and two cinematic thrillers: Immortality and Twelve Minutes.

The new Netflix edition of popular party game Heads Up will have rounds based on the streaming service’s hit shows like Stranger Things.

Twelve Minutes is the same time loop-based drama that arrived on PC and console in 2021, when it was published by Annapurna Interactive. It’s perhaps best known for featuring the voice acting of James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley and Willem Dafoe.

New to Netflix in August: Heads Up, Twelve Minutes, Rival Pirates, Immortality.

Interactive thriller Immortality will arrive a month later than planned, having originally been slated for July. It’s the new game from Half Mermaid, the studio led by Her Story and Telling Lies creator Sam Barlow.

And the surprise package is Rival Pirates. It is described by Netflix as an adventure in which you “Set sail, fire cannon balls and avoid traps to find treasure before your enemies.” The screenshots provided suggest it’s a multiplayer battler. Netflix has not confirmed the developer of the title (we’re asking now).

This is the latest round of new titles to be added to Netflix’s growing catalogue, after four additions in July, including Into the Breach.

Netflix continues to hire games talent at quite a clip – earlier today we reported on the latest round of recruits, including two new live service execs and a new creative director. 

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