Marvel Snap maker Second Dinner has started work on its next game


Second Dinner has already started work on its second game, according to a job ad posted on the developer’s website.

It is seeking a lead product manager for the new game with experience leading “mobile and free to play games” and in “turning games into great businesses with awesome liveops, monetisation design, analytics, testing, and progression systems”.

The job ad also says: “We are at the very beginning of our journey into a brand new game! The game is already real real real fun”. The successful candidate will be the “the third or fourth” member of the new team working on the project.

“We all know that making something super fun isn’t enough,” the job ad continues. “It needs to be paired with satisfying core progression loops and monetisation to be successful and sustainable, and that can be even more difficult than designing fun core gameplay. We want to make sure we’re NAILING that from the outset of this game. And that’s where you come in!”

From last week: ‘Marvel Snap is about to break $100m in earnings for developer Second Dinner‘.

“We are hiring this senior to principal level position NOW because we know how critical these features are to a successful game and we know it takes time and iteration to make something that millions and millions of players will LOVE.”

Other parts of the role are to “figure out how the heck our meta progression loop will work” and “figure out what players will spend money on”. The ideal candidate will also have “extensive experience turning games into great businesses”.

The role is for folks eligible to work in the US and is fully remote. The salary could go up to $220k, with equity, performance bonuses and other benefits on top of that.

As we reported recently, Second Dinner has now earned around $100m from Marvel Snap since it launched on mobile in October 2022. It now earns the studio around $7.7m per month, on average, and its top markets by revenue is the US, followed by South Korea, Canada, UK and Italy, according to Appmagic data.

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