New games now: Game of Thrones, Warframe, Rainbow 6, Habby’s latest launch and more


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Game of Thrones: Legends (Zynga)

Zynga announced its new Game of Thrones tie-in through The Hollywood Reporter this week – it’s a puzzle-battle RPG coming “next year”, according to the story. It’ll include characters and likenesses from both the original HBO show and Amazon’s House of the Dragon series.

Warframe Mobile (Digital Extremes)

Pre-orders are now open on iOS for Warframe Mobile. Developer Digital Extremes says it is the full console and PC game on iPhone and iPad, with optional cross-play and cross-progression. There’s no full release date just yet, and no mention of an Android version anywhere in the announcement.

Rainbow 6 Mobile (Ubisoft)

This big-name shooter’s now in soft launch in Canada on Android and iOS and will be opened up in Mexico on Android from September 4. More territories are to come, says Ubisoft, which memorably once told us that it has 11 studios – plus Tencent! – working on the game.

Souls (Habby)

We very nearly missed this, because it’s been a little under the radar – there’s not even an official launch trailer. The new game from Survivor maker Habby is called Souls, and it’s out worldwide on iOS and Android now.

It’s definitely a little different from the usual Habby style, with a serene, Journey-like look. It’s a strategy-battler in which you build and upgrade a team of heroes.

One Punch Man: World (Crunchyroll)

We didn’t manage to squeeze this in last week’s new game update amid the madness of Gamescom, but Crunchyroll and Perfect World have opened pre-reg for this crossplatform Genshin-style open world action RPG. It had a mammoth stand at Gamescom last week, so it appears Crunchyroll is all-in on this one.

Pizza Ready (Supercent)

The publisher behind recent hyper/hybridcasual hit Burger Please has just released a very similar restaurant management game, but this time pizza-themed. It’s out now on iOS and Android.

AM I AI (Aden)

This is a fun idea: a picture quiz where you have to spot the AI generated image versus the real one. It’s made by Portuguese studio Aden Interactive and is out worldwide on iOS and Android, though the firm describes this version as an alpha.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods (Nuverse)

The Marvel Snap publisher’s next game, open world RPG Dragonheir: Silent Gods, is launching globally on PC and mobile on September 19. It is developed by new Chinese outfit SGRA Studio, which was founded by veterans with experience on games like Pokémon Unite, Arena of Valor and Monster Hunter.

AFK Football (Wildlife Studios) reports that this latest game from Zooba and Tennis Clash maker Wildlife Studios is coming on September 13. It’s an idle football simulator with RPG and management elements.

NFL Rivals (Mythical Games)

This one seems to have been widely available for some time, but last week was this game’s ‘official’ launch, according to developer Mythical Games. It’s an NFL game in which you can “own your team” through NFTs.

Samba de Amigo: Party-To-Go (Sega)

This revival of Sega’s cult maraca-shaking Dreamcast game is out now on Apple Arcade, and arrives alongside a Switch version.

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