New games now: Warcraft, Samba De Amigo, Command & Conquer, fresh FunPlus, Krafton and PikPok titles plus a new viral hit


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Warcraft Arclight Rumble (Blizzard)

Activision said in its financial results that this forthcoming Clash Royale-style game “continues to progress through testing ahead of its regional soft launch”, which sent us down a research rabbit hole.

Some gameplay footage from the beta (above) has leaked out recently, and the game’s Google Play page says it was updated on August 2, so there may be news on this one soon.

Samba de Amigo: Party-To-Go (Sega)

Apple announced August’s Arcade line-up earlier this week, headlined by returning cult classic Samba De Amigo, a rhythm game from back in the Dreamcast days.

It arrives on August 29, following the launch of Hungry Sky’s puzzler Nekograms+ (August 8), Cherrypick Games’ Kingdoms: Merge & Build (August 18) and Seabaa’s Finity (August 25).

Command & Conquer Legions (Level Infinite)

We stumbled across this one while researching something else: apparently a new Command & Conquer game is being developed by Tencent-owned studio Yorha, to be published by own label Level Infinite. There’s already footage of it out there (above) from a recent beta and it has a spot on Level Infinite’s site – we’ve asked the firm for more details.

Cut the Rope Daily (Zeptolab)

This new daily edition of Zeptolab’s classic mobile game is live now on Netflix, and arrives on the streaming service alongside animated series Cut the Rope: Om Nom Stories.

Cat Tennis (Ben Hudson)

At the time of writing this hilariously janky meme game is up there with Subway Surfers and Roblox in the iOS free charts – 4th spot in the US and 2nd in the UK.

Its tagline “Play tennis with cat” tells you all you need to know – it’s a TikTok thing that we assume developer Ben Hudson was first to jump on.

Project Entropy (FunPlus)

This new strategy game from FunPlus got a pre-order feature spot on the App Store’s Today tab last week, and the listing says it’s coming on August 18. It’s available to pre-register on Google Play too.

Defense Derby (Krafton)

This four player PvP RTS is made by Krafton-owned studio RisingWings, and is out now globally on iOS and Android.

My Cat Club (PikPok)

A slight change in tone for the studio best known for the Into the Dead games here: a cutesy kitten-collecting game now available worldwide on iOS and Android.

Roundguard (Wonderbelly Games)

This is another Apple Arcade game that’s just been released into the wild. It’s a premium Peggle-meets-dungeon crawling game that’s well worth a look.

Zaga-33 (Michael Brough)

An indie deep cut to finish: this roguelike from influential game designer Michael Brough is now back on iOS and Android complete with a new mode “which gives a lot of extra depth”, according to Brough.

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