Vampire Survivors mobile hits 5m downloads


Indie hit Vampire Survivors has passed 5m downloads in a little over three months since launch, according to Appmagic data.

Shortly after its surprise release during The Game Awards in December, Vampire Survivors’ daily downloads peaked at just over 204k on December 10 2022, its best ever day for installs.

It is struggling to maintain that early momentum, though. Daily downloads have dropped from a seven-day average of 33k to 17k in the last month alone. With no paid marketing to speak of, developer Poncle is reliant upon community buzz around updates and organic installs only.

Its top five markets by downloads are the US (848k), Japan (531k), Russia (463k), Brazil (413k) and South Korea (345k).

The device split shows Android ahead with 2.7m downloads to date, while iOS devices account for 2.4m of Vampire Survivors’ total lifetime downloads of 5.1m.

The game is monetised by ads at the end of each run, and developer Poncle said the mobile edition will receive ongoing support alongside the PC and console editions.

The iOS edition has just been updated with an added DLC store and general bug fixes, according to the game’s version history.

The mobile edition of the PC and console hit was announced and released during The Game Awards on December 9th 2022, and hit a million downloads in its first week. It passed 3m downloads in a little over a month after release, and developer Poncle has previously stated the game was rushed to market on mobile due to widespread cloning of the game.

Vampire Survivors is itself very heavily inspired by Android-only mobile game Magic Survival, developed by Korean indie Leme. That game has seen an uplift in downloads in recent months thanks to Vampire Survivors’ popularity, and has a total lifetime download figure of 6.4m since it launched in February 2020, according to Appmagic.

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