Indie hit Vampire Survivors just dropped on mobile


Cult roguelike shooter Vampire Survivors just got a surprise release on iOS and Android.

Revealed as part of the pre-show at The Game Awards, the game is developed by original creator Poncle and features all of the same content as in the PC and Xbox versions. It is playable offline, and there are no in-app purchases in the game at all.

It is monetised by ads, as the developer explains: “There are no pop-ups. An advert will appear after runs and offer the opportunity for the player to gain [LIVES/GOLD]. They can be ignored and not interacted with should you not want to. The reasoning for this is we had to monetize the game in some way, but in the way that least affected the player experience.”

Developer Poncle also said that it is working on a way to transfer save files between the PC and Xbox editions. The mobile game will also get the same DLC as those other editions.

“People have been requesting a mobile port for Vampire Survivors since the day it launched, so I’m very happy the game has a new home on phones,” said Poncle founder Luca Galante. “Now you can capital-S Survive from anywhere – on the morning commute, during an extended toilet break, under the desk during a meeting about productivity at work… anywhere. I’m personally not a fan of microtransactions, so we made the decision not to include them in the mobile port. This is the full game, for free, for real. Enjoy!”

Galante is based in London and created Vampire Survivors as something to do during the pandemic. It suddenly broke out and became a huge hit, inspiring games like along the way.

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