Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile has soft launched in Australia


UPDATE: Activision has confirmed that the game is now live in Australia on iOS, too. Original story below:

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is live in Australia on Google Play, with an iOS version “coming soon”.

The battle royale shooter is still in development ahead of its full worldwide release in 2023, and more markets will be added to the soft launch as development continues, says a Q&A on the game’s official site.

This ‘limited release’ edition includes much of the content that’ll be in the final launch build, including the Verdansk map, “battle royale, shared progression, social connectivity, multiplayer, in-game events, and more,” the Q&A says. “However, many pieces of content, features, modes, and more will be partially completed and continually updated as we continue development in the lead up to worldwide launch.”

It also includes two battle royale modes, two multiplayer playlists and two maps. Social features including friends lists, party modes, chat channels and voice chat are all shared across the mobile title and Warzone 2.0 and MW2.

Progression systems include milestone-based Missions, which reward players with kit for hitting targets, and Challenges, another way to earn gear by completing certain tasks.

This version of Warzone Mobile also has shared progression across Warzone 2.0 and MW2 that includes player level, battle pass and weapon progress.

While the game is still being optimised, the soft launch build is limited to devices with 3GB of RAM or better, Phone 8+ or better, and Android devices with Adreno 618 chips or better.

Warzone looks destined to be another hit for Activision after the wild success of COD: Mobile, which recently passed 300m downloads and over $1bn in lifetime earnings.

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