Exclusive Sensor Tower charts: Forest Fantasy and Dragon Quest Walk make a splash in Japan


Sensor Tower has kindly agreed to send us exclusive download and revenue charts for the US, China, Japan and the UK every week. Here’s the data for September 12-18.

Let’s start with US downloads.

Survivor.io leapfrogs X-Hero at the top of the combined iOS and Android chart for this week, while the rest of the top tens are pretty unremarkable, save a new entry on iOS for Supersonic’s Basket Battle.

The US revenue charts are, frankly, pretty uneventful, with Candy Crush Saga and Roblox in first and second again. Having climbed to third last week, Royal Match drops three places to six in the combined iOS and Android chart.

In China, Honor of Kings and Subway Surfers stay on top in revenue and downloads, and there’s a couple of new entries in the top ten – Sheep is a Sheep from Shenzhen One Seven, a mahjong/solitaire-like game, and Ohayoo’s Rabbit Entrepreneurship, a bunny-based business sim. 

A clean sweep at the top of Japan’s download chart for Spotlight Network’s MMORPG Forest Fantasy: Legend of the World Tree. Also new this week is Sammy Networks’ P Initial D, a manga series/pachinko game tie-in, which has debuted at seven in the combined iOS and Android charts.

Long Tech’s Last Fortress: Underground and Daichi Simada’s Escape Game are also new this week in the App Store charts, arriving at eight and ten respectively. 

There’s a big surprise in Japan’s top grossing charts – Square Enix’s Dragon Quest Walk jumps up to number one this week, having not even been in the top ten in the previous seven days. 

Some Googling tells us that as part of its 3rd anniversary update, casino slots and mahjong were added to the game, which will likely account for the sudden revenue bump, assuming those casino games, in particular, are monetised.

Here in the UK Stumble Guys retains the top spot in the downloads chart, followed by new entry X-Hero. And kudos to Supersonic for two new entries, Get the Supercar 3D at five and Going Balls at ten.

Finally in the UK, the top grossing charts are hilariously static – the entire top eight in the combined iOS and Android are unchanged this week, with Coin Master still on top.

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