June’s top grossing mobile game publishers worldwide


Readers are really into our monthly look at Appmagic‘s top download and top grossing charts, so this month we’re expanding the scope to look at the data from a publisher’s point of view.

Below, we’ve broken down June’s ten top grossing mobile game publishers to show their top five titles, and further down there’s the 11-20 and 21-30 rankings.

You can find June’s top mobile game publishers by downloads through the link too.

Obviously, Tencent is top thanks to that colossal one-two punch of Honor of Kings ($104.9m earned in June) and PUBG Mobile ($72.2m).

The IAP revenue from those two games alone beats closest competitor Playrix’s total. Completing Tencent’s top five earners are the China-only edition of League of Legends: Wild Rift ($23.6m), Goddess of Victory: Nikke ($22.1m) and another China-only LoL spin-off, Battle of the Spatulas ($21.4m).

Playrix’s top four titles are way ahead of the rest of its portfolio, with Gardenscapes on $51m in monthly earnings, Homescapes on $36.8m, Township at $29.7m and Fishdom on $28.6m. Playrix’s fifth largest title by revenue in June was Fishdom Solitaire with a relatively modest $3.4m.

No prizes for guessing what’s driving revenue at Mihoyo: Honkai: Star Rail ($89.9m) and Genshin Impact ($51.9m) are light years ahead of other portfolio titles Honkai Impact 3rd ($4.2m), Tears of Themis ($1.4m) and Guns Girl Z ($200k). Though as noted earlier this week, Honkai: Star Rail seems to be eating into Genshin Impact’s revenue a little.

Netease’s success is mostly in Asian markets and is led by Fantasy Westward Journey ($28.6m) and China-only Fall Guys-alike Eggy Party ($24.4m). Battle royale game Knives Out ($8.9m), horror game Identity V ($7.3m) and China-only racer Peak Speed ($7.3m) complete its top five, though of course Netease also takes a good chunk of change from Diablo Immortal, which earned $11.8m in June if you combine its western and China-only editions.

In fifth, King’s line-up is naturally dominated by Candy Crush Saga ($81.1m), but it’s easy to forget that Candy Crush Soda Saga is regularly banking over $20m a month for King, too – it earned $19.1m in June. Farm Heroes Saga ($5.4m), Candy Crush Jelly Saga ($1.6m) and Bubble Witch 3 Saga ($1.5m) complete King’s top five performers.

Scopely’s now a top 10 publisher thanks to Monopoly Go, whose $34.8m earnings for June are way ahead of any other title. Star Trek Fleet Command ($6.7m), low-key hit Tiki Solitaire TriPeaks ($5.4m), Marvel Strike Force ($5.2m) and Stumble Guys ($5m) round out the top five.

Roblox is Roblox, so no portfolio to speak of here, but as we noted in the top grossing listings, it posted nearly identical revenue two months running, $67.9m.

Having beaten Candy Crush Saga in the monthly downloads rankings, Royal Match maker Dream Games also out-earned the mighty Supercell in June. And all with just one seemingly unstoppable game, Royal Match – Royal Kingdom is in soft launch and has earned around $500k to date.

Supercell has been steadily earning $60-65m every month since January, and its games are just as dependable: its top earners in order are Clash of Clans ($31.3m), Clash Royale ($16.8m), Hay Day ($10.1m), Brawl Stars ($5.8m) and Boom Beach ($1.2m).

Of that group, Brawl Stars really sticks out – the $5.8m earned in June is its lowest-ever total, and the game’s been in general revenue decline since December, when it earned just under $16m.

Konami’s appearance in tenth spot is mostly down to a surging Baseball Spirits ($27.8m), followed by eFootball ($19.5m), which is also doing well. Konami’s other titles aren’t even close: third top earner Jikkyou Powerful Professional Baseball pulled in $3.8m, and Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel ($3.7m) and eFootball Champion Squad ($3.4m) complete the top five.

June’s top grossing publishers 11-20

11. Zynga ($64.3m)
12. Moon Active ($62.8m)
13. Bandai Namco ($60.5m)
14. Square Enix ($55.3m)
15. NCsoft ($50.6m)
16. 37Games ($48.6m)
17. Niantic ($44.7m)
18. Lingxi Games ($44.4m)
19. FunPlus ($44.2m)
20. EA ($43.5m)

June’s top grossing publishers 21-30

21. Xflag ($40.4m)
22. Century Games ($38.8m)
23. Lilith Games ($38.1m)
24. SciPlay ($38m)
25. Playtika ($37m)
26. Product Madness ($36.5m)
27. Spinx Games ($34.6m)
28. Garena ($33.1m)
29. Long Tech Network ($32m)
30. Aniplex ($31m)

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