June’s top mobile game publishers worldwide by downloads


Readers are really into our monthly look at Appmagic‘s top download and top grossing charts, so this month we’re expanding the scope to look at the data from a publisher’s point of view.

First up: June’s top ten publishers by downloads, with a breakdown of each label’s top performers. Below that, there’s the 11-20 and 21-30 rankings.

Azur Games keeps on trucking. It was the top publisher by downloads in 2022, and the sheer volume of games it has out there with good traction is quite something.

35 different Azur games got over a million downloads in June. Chief among them was Worms Zone (7.2m), Hair Tattoo (4.4m), Color Adventure (3.8m), Stack Ball (3.7m) and Hit Master 3D (3.4m).

Supersonic’s portfolio is more weighted toward bigger individual hits, but still pretty deep and broad. Regular top performers Bridge Race (12.2m) and Going Balls (9.3m) lead the way, followed by Tall Man Run (7.2m), Slow Mo Run (5.9m) and Emoji Puzzle (5m).

Race Master 3D is SayGames’ top performer by some distance with 10.7m installs in June. Vehicle Masters (5.2m), DOP 2 (4.2m), Decor Life (3.6m) and Color Page (3.4m) complete the label’s top five in June.

Cutesy kids game maker BabyBus has a ton of very popular Panda games out there. Over 20 different BabyBus games got over a million downloads in June, led by Little Panda’s Town (4.2m), Baby Panda World (3.6m), Baby Panda’s School Bus (3.2m), Little Panda: Princess Makeup (3.1m) and Little Panda’s Ice Cream Game (3m).

As My Talking Tom approaches its tenth birthday, Outfit7’s array of pet sims are still raking in the numbers. My Talking Tom 2 leads with 9.4m installs, My Talking Tom Friends is second with 8.9m, and is followed by My Talking Angela 2 (8.7m), Talking Tom Gold Run (6.9m) and the original My Talking Tom (5.1m).

Low-key Vietnamese publisher PlayOn Global’s rather scattergun portfolio is led by reliable performer 1945 Air Force (4.6m), and followed by Mario-style platformer Super Bino Go (4.4m), Merge Toilet (4.1m), Famous Fashion (3.5m) and Pop’s World (3.4m). Hard to see a clear strategy with this random mix of games, but it’s clearly working.

Fellow Vietnamese label Zego Studio’s top five performers are all Google Play only, remarkably. Car Games 3D came top with 8.5m installs, followed by Bike Game 3D (7.7m), Robot War (7.6m), Mega Car Crash Simulator (3.5m) and GT Animal Simulator (3.4m)

Voodoo’s top titles are a mix of hyper and hybridcasual releases: clear top performer Mob Control (5.3m) is ahead of Hole.io (4.1m), Collect Em All (3.7m), Paper.io 2 (3.3m) and aquapark.io (2.9m).

Phone Case DIY is the clear top performer from CrazyLabs in June, followed by Dessert DIY (3.1m), Sculpt People (2.4m), DIY Paper Doll (2.2m) and Drawing Carnival (2.1m).

Homa’s June downloads are led by mega hit Attack Hole (5.9m), Farm Land (3.2m), Aquarium Land (2.7m), Wild West Cowboy Redemption (2.6m) and Sky Roller (2.2m).

Merge Master, once among the top performers in Homa’s portfolio, was its sixth most downloaded game in June with 2.1m installs.

June’s top publishers by downloads 11-20

11. Miniclip (38.7m)
12. EA (36.1m)
13. Rollic Games (29.8m)
14. Tencent (27.3m)
15. Kayac (26.7m)
16. Garena (25.3m)
17. Gameloft (24.9m)
18. Amanotes (23.7m)
19. Tapnation (23.2m)
20. Freeplay (22.4m)

June’s top publishers by downloads 21-30

21. Playrix (21.9m)
22. Fun Games For Free (21.3m)
23. Lion Studios (21.3m)
24. Scopely (20.9m)
25. Playgendary (20.8m)
26. King (19.8m)
27. Sybo Games (19.5m)
28. Bravestars (19.1m)
29. Budge Studios (18.7m)
30. Roblox (18.7m)

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