March’s top grossing mobile games


Here are last month’s top grossing mobile games worldwide, according to Appmagic.

There’s commentary on which way these top earners are trending and other interesting tidbits from outside the top ten below.

You can also find the top downloads from March, and the top grossing lists for February and January for comparison through the links.

The mighty Honor of Kings is down a little month-on-month compared to February, but we’re sure Tencent isn’t panicking: its flagship MOBA has only dipped below $100m in monthly earnings twice since November 2019. It’s both an irresistible force and an unmovable object at the summit of this top grossing chart.

King’s own unstoppable monster Candy Crush Saga seems to have recovered from a minor blip in February ($77m) and is back to earning close to $90m per month – it rarely dips below around $85m each month.

Genshin Impact’s month-on-month decline is definitely notable, though: having posted earnings of nearly $112m in February, it’s down to a little under $78m in March. Mihoyo’s epic is a little more volatile in nature – month-on-month shifts of around $20m aren’t uncommon. But this is still its softest revenue month since May 2022, and it had previously earned over $110m in November and December 2022.

PUBG Mobile has settled back to the low-to-mid $70m earnings bracket after hitting $97m in December and $96m in January. It is very slightly down month-on-month for March at nearly $72m.

Roblox is up by around $5m month-on-month, back to its typical level after big December and January figures.

Perhaps Japanese readers can tell us what on earth happened with Uma Musume: Pretty Derby last month – it rocketed up from earning $24m in February to $65.3m in March, and was its best revenue month since July 2021.

After some Googling to figure to out, it appears to have been given a licence for release in China through Tencent, but the data’s not showing downloads or revenue from there. So is it new content or a new feature? Let us know.

Coin Master is back earning over $60m per month like it usually does – just – after a dip in February, and Dream Games’ Royal Match had a landmark March, earning over $50m in a month for the first time.

Gardenscapes had a good March too, up by a cool $10m on February to scrape past the $50m barrier – its best month since March 2021.

Pokémon Go, meanwhile, seems to be settling into a pattern of earning $56-58m one month, then $42-44m the next. March was the latter, a drop from February’s $58m down to just under $43m.

March’s top grossing games 11-20

11. Monster Strike (XFLAG): $42.5m
12. Homescapes (Playrix): $39.2m
13. Baseball Spirits A (Konami): $37.2m
14. Lineage M (NCsoft): $35.2m
15. Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Lingxi Games): $34.4m
16. Township (Playrix): $32.5m
17. Puzzles & Survival (37Games): $32m
18. Eggy Party (NetEase): $29.8m
19. Clash of Clans (Supercell): $29.6m
20. Rise of Kingdoms (Lilith Games): $29.2m

Normal service has resumed for Konami’s Baseball Spirits A – it had a terrible February with just $15m earned – it’s usually in the $25-25m bracket. March’s $37m total is its best month since January 2022.

Eggy Party is the brand new arrival in the top grossing top 20, NetEase’s answer to Fall Guys and Stumble Guys. While perhaps not a genre that’s best known for megabucks monetisation, it’s clearly doing well despite still being China-only for now.

Some notable absences from the top 20 earners compared to last month: DBZ Dokkan Battle dropped badly from its February total of $40.1m down to $22m this month; Fate/Grand Order also plummeted out of the top 20, from February’s $44.7m to March’s earnings of $24m.

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