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Assassin’s Creed Jade (Level Infinite)

Level Infinite and Ubisoft are really milking every bit of this one: they put out a trailer to confirm that this game has gone from being subtitled “codename Jade” to simply “Jade”. A little tenuous, but a new trailer and a big presence on the show floor at Gamescom suggests Level Infinite is all-in on this game.

Zenless Zone Zero (Hoyoverse)

No date on this one but Gamescom did bring us a new trailer, as if to show us that Hoyoverse, maker of mega-hits Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail, is still working on it. There’s been very little new info on this sci-fi open world adventure since its first reveal back in 2022.

Delta Force: Hawk Ops (Level Infinite)

This old tactical FPS is being revived for mobile, PC and console by COD: Mobile and Honor of Kings maker Timi, so it’s certainly one to keep an eye on. No release date yet, but there is a flashy trailer.

Project Mugen (Netease/Naked Rain)

Netease is taking on Hoyoverse with this crossplatform open world action RPG. There’s no date yet but like Genshin Impact, it’ll be coming to mobile, PC and PlayStation formats at some point.

Command & Conquer: Legions (Level Infinite)

As we reported a while back, this new edition of the classic EA RTS was sitting right there on Level Infinite’s website several weeks before it was officially announced at Gamescom. The official statement says Tencent-owned Level Infinite have licensed the IP from EA for this new game. No date yet.

Eggy Party (Netease)

NetEase announced that this Fall Guys / Stumble Guys competitor is being released in southeast Asia on September 7th, having already proven to be a hit in China. Still no word on a western release yet.

OutRage (Hardball)

This is a cross-platform 32-player battle royale beat ‘em up from new UK studio Hardball Games. As we reported earlier this year, the Hardball team is effectively the core team behind CSR Racing at BossAlien, led by Jason Avent. It’s coming to Steam early access in spring 2024 and mobile and console sometime after that.

Netflix Stories: Love Is Blind (Netflix/Boss Fight)

Netflix has said publicly that Too Hot To Handle has been one of its biggest successes to date in games, so it is building on that with this new series of romance games under this ‘Netflix Stories’ brand. First up, a game based on its Love Is Blind show, made by Dungeon Boss maker Boss Fight Entertainment, which Netflix acquired in March 2022. It’ll be released in September.

Samurai Showdown (SNK)

This cult arcade game is coming to Netflix on August 29, and follows recent additions to the service Wrestlequest (a retro-style wrestling-RPG) and resurrected free-to-play game Lego Legacy: Heroes Unboxed. Plus, of course, there was the announcement of Netflix’s Rebel Moon game, helmed by Super Evil Megacorp.

Broken Sword: Parzival’s Stone (Revolution Software)

Cult point and click game Broken Sword is coming back with a new adventure in the series, Parzival’s Stone, and a remaster of the original title. Both games are in development for PC, console and mobile, with the remaster coming next year and the new game undated so far.

MiniaWars (SmartFinger)

This multiplayer shooter has apparently been in development for six years, and is now coming to mobile and PC in mid-2024.

Disney Speedstorm (Gameloft)

This licensed kart racer is already out on consoles and into season three (as in the trailer above). It’s also now in soft launch for mobile in Mexico, Brazil, Vietnam, Spain, Philippines and Romania, according to Appmagic. It’s going global in September, says Gameloft.

Unpacking (Humble Bundle)

An indie game about – you guessed it – unpacking, this is a premium game that was a cult hit on PC and console, out now worldwide on iOS and Android.

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