New Supercell game Flood Rush is in limited beta now


Supercell’s new game Flood Rush has gone into limited beta today for Android players in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

The new game is described by Supercell as a real-time strategy battler in which you gather a crew of treasure seekers to gain the upper hand before the island sinks.

It looks like a more freeform Clash Royale, with bigger crowds of characters battling in a larger arena. Unlike other recent Supercell betas Squad Busters and Clash Mini, this appears to be an entirely new IP.

Supercell says on the game’s website: “8 Seekers rush to collect treasure and battle for supremacy! Choose from 3 Seekers, summon a rowdy crew, and dominate the island before it sinks. Surprise your foes by casting rum bombs, nets and exploding watermelons.”

“Mobilize troops like the muscular Boxer Crab, or invest in heavy troops like the mighty Lava Rex. Swarm and overwhelm others with Pistol Fish, Raptors, and more! Find higher tier cards to build an unstoppable force.”

“Sail the adventure map to discover new characters and rewards. Unlock abilities and level up your strategies. Each game presents new challenges and opportunities!”

Flood Rush screenshots as they appear on Google Play.

Supercell hasn’t launch a game globally since Brawl Stars over four years ago. In a recent blog Supercell boss Ilkka Paananen said that the Clash of Clans maker has five games in development, and that launching new hit games has become harder than ever.

Of those new titles, Paananen said Squad Busters is furthest along. That game briefly had a closed, Android-only beta test in Canada between February 6-16th.

Clash Mini has been in soft launch since November 2021, and Clash Heroes is in early development, but has not reached beta yet. Supercell cancelled soft launch game Clash Quest last year, closing its servers in September 2022.

Supercell partner studio Metacore also recently picked up development duties of another Supercell soft launch game, Everdale, and could yet bring it back.

We asked several industry experts for their thoughts on whether Squad Busters could be Supercell’s next billion-dollar smash here.

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