One month in, just passed 15k visitors


The long bank holiday begins tomorrow here in the UK, so time for something a bit self-indulgent. It is Easter, after all.

This morning passed 15,000 visitors since we launched one month ago. This is a good start for an industry-facing mobile games site.

Those 15k people have come here organically, mostly through LinkedIn, and the site is most-read in the US, UK and Finland. Canada, Spain, Germany, Israel, India, France and Sweden complete the top ten markets.

The thing with industry media, though, is that it’s not really about big numbers. It’s about the quality of the audience. 

Fortunately, we have some very high level readers and well-wishers behind the scenes. Just look at the calibre of the folks liking and sharing our stuff on LinkedIn. There are some very influential people on our newsletter mailing list, too. (You should definitely subscribe to that, by the way.)

Why are people coming here (and subscribing to the newsletter)? For the snappy, readable original interviews and insights. The stuff you won’t find anywhere else.

There are already enough sites out there doing breaking industry news, and they’re great at it. But here, we want to focus on just a handful of good, original stories per week. interviewees, clockwise, from top left: Jennifer Estaris, Simon Hade, Lesley Mansford, Bob Slinn, Sophie Vo, Lior Shiff, Herdjie Zhou, Kyu Lee, Mike Allender and Georgina Felce, Tony Lay.

In the first month we’ve interviewed top brass at Ustwo Games, Space Ape, Voodoo, Com2Us, Lucky Kat, HypeHype, Tripledot, Talewind, Supercell, FunPlus, Fingersoft, Bandai Namco Mobile and Ultimate Studio. Big devs, indie devs, newbies, veterans. All interesting in their own ways.

We’ve also had a look at what’s going on with Playtika’s proposed sale, and pulled together the many senior folks Netflix has hired since last summer, among other things.

(I realise that I haven’t introduced myself properly, either: I’m Neil, I did a good stretch in consumer and trade journalism at places like MCV, Official Nintendo Magazine and Edge, before spending many years in Apple’s App Store editorial team.)

Last of all: we need sponsors. If you want to reach the high level audience reading, get your brand onto the site and into the newsletter. Buying an ad does not mean you get editorial coverage in exchange. But it does get you in front of some very important, influential eyeballs.

So thanks. Thanks for reading this site, and thanks for reading this far down. We’ve only just begun.

If you have feedback, a story to tell or want to advertise, I’m on

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