Stranger Things leads the way as Netflix games hit 13m downloads


Sensor Tower has stated that Netflix-published titles across iOS and Android app stores have hit 13m in the wake of the streaming giant’s Geeked showcase last week.

Netflix revealed a strong line-up of forthcoming titles from well-known developers and publishers on Friday, including three games from Devolver and new games based on its own shows, including The Queen’s Gambit and Too Hot To Handle. Poinpy, from the maker of cult classic Downwell, was also released as the stream went live. 

The Sensor Tower data released this morning suggests that Netflix players have downloaded top performing title Stranger Things: 1984 almost 2 million times, with Gameloft’s Netflix-only edition of Asphalt Xtreme on 1.8m installs and Stranger Things 3: The Game in third with 1.5 million.

As you can see in the graph below, the rate of downloads has settled since launch at the end of last year to over 1m per month. 

Sensor Tower also noted the impact of Stranger Things’ new season show on game downloads. Between May 27 and June 2, Stranger Things 1984 was installed 115k times, up 2.6 times from the week prior. Stranger Things 3: The Game downloads were up 3x week-over-week, hitting 83,200 downloads week-over-week.

Netflix has of course previously acquired Oxenfree maker Night School Studio as well as Next Games as it continues to build its presence in games, on top of hiring a senior team packed with experience.

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