Super Meat Boy Forever comes to mobile for 99c


Indie auto-runner Super Meat Boy Forever has just arrived on mobile.

It is published through Thunderful Games and costs $0.99, €0.99 or £0.99, with no in-app purchases or ads.

It’s a sequel to indie hit Super Meat Boy, and turns the original game’s precise platforming into a challenging auto-runner with randomised, auto-generated levels.

Team Meat co-founder Tommy Refenes said: “Two buttons, hard as hell, bloody, rewarding and a whole bunch of fun – that’s Super Meat Boy Forever!”

“Thanks to Thunderful’s help, we’ve brought the entire game to mobile. No ads, no micro-transactions – it’s the full, uncompromised Super Meat Boy Forever experience for just $0.99. We were going to charge per life but we were afraid doing so would tank the global economy.”

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