Harry Potter: Magic Awakened has just gone global


Warner Bros. and Netease’s card-battling RPG Harry Potter: Magic Awakened just launched worldwide.

It has already been a hit in China, where it was released in September 2021, earning Warner and Netease over $263m in IAP revenue from 10.6m downloads to date, according to Appmagic data.

That China launch was pretty spectacular, earning its codevelopers over $83m in its first month, $49m in its second and around $30m in November and December of 2021. Revenue has declined badly since then, though, with monthly revenue around the $500k mark for April and May 2023.

Warner and Netease released a cinematic trailer today, above, to mark the global launch. The game has a noticeably stylised look and takes place ten years after the events of the books.

Player enroll at Hogwarts to learn spells and explore the Wizarding World while engaging in card-based battles and levelling up their character.

There are over 70 cards and spells to collect and level up, PvE and PvP challenges and a full story mode. The game also has MMO-like social features.

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