Thirsty players push Goddess of Victory: Nikke past $100m in its first month


Don’t underestimate the spending power of thirsty players: Goddess of Victory: Nikke just blazed past $100m revenue in its first month.

Appmagic figures suggest Level Infinite’s new cover shooter is one of the biggest new launches of the year.

It’s way more lucrative than high profile western offerings like Diablo Immortal, which posted first-month earnings of $49m (pre-China launch), Apex Legends Mobile ($11.6m) and Marvel Snap ($10m).

It’s also easily outstripped Japanese hit Memento Mori, which raked in over $40m in its first month.

In its first 30 days, Goddess of Victory: Nikke revenue peaked on November 12, when it earned $5.86m.

Released in most markets on November 4, Goddess of Victory: Nikke has been downloaded 5.3m times in its first 30 days, and has generated $102.6m in IAP revenue, excluding Apple and Google’s platform fees. That makes its revenue per download (RpD) rate $19.73 worldwide.

Japanese players are responsible for driving over half the game’s revenue, having spent $54.4m on the game to date. Korean players are second on revenue, stumping up $25.8m, with the US third ($15m) followed by Canada ($1.3m) and Thailand ($1m).

That huge spend in Japan is from just 985k downloads. Korea is second on installs with 755k, then it’s Thailand (656k), the US (646k) and Indonesia (461k).

In Japan, the RpD is $55.29. Next on RpD is Korea ($34.2), US ($23.2) then Australia ($22.2) and Singapore ($21.6).

The platform split shows that it is a bigger earner on Google Play, with $54.6m earned on Android versus $48m on iOS to date.

The game itself is developed by Korean studio Shift Up and published by Tencent label Level Infinite. It’s a cover shooter with slick production that asks you to switch between characters – wobbly anime Nikkes – who have different weapons and abilities.

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